How to save money with Wave Curtains

How to save money with Wave Curtains.

Are you tired of the old look of your home and want something new and trendy? Then you can choose a wave curtain for your home because curtains are the object which can change the entire look of the home. Wave curtains are easily installed and can be hung anywhere. In this blog, we will share with you some ideas on how you can save your money through wave curtains.

Waves can be seen on the header of the curtain. Because of head track waves curtains hang in regular uniform folds. These types of headers need special wave tracks for fitting purposes, but the track should be slim and discreet which looks good when installed on walls. These wave curtains look awesome when hung. Simple but contemporary curtains are in demand. Because its fashion never becomes old so if you have chosen a wave curtain for home it is a desirable choice wave curtain also called a Ripple curtain or S shape curtain.

Are wave curtains expensive?

If you are thinking wave curtains are expensive then you are right because wave curtains are prepared on more fabric so the wave can be perfectly visible on it, in short, we can say that wave curtains consist of double fabric. But you can save money through wave curtains, you can utilize one curtain instead of 2.

Size of wave curtains

Wave curtains determine the depth of waves on 80 mm (about the length of the long edge of a credit card) waves, but the gliders are spaced 8 cm (about the length of the long edge of a credit card) on 6 mm (about 0.24 in) waves they are 6cm (about 2.36 in) apart, the curtain which has 60mm (about 2.36 in) waves are perfect and can be idealized for all rooms and cover minimum to the maximum area.

Which fabric is mostly used in wave curtains?

Voile wave curtains

Voile fabric has its own identity in Wave Curtain, voile fabric cannot stick with each other. Its waves become separate so it looks amazing, the voile can also be folded softly never giving thickness or roughness. It is the perfect solution for a room. It can maintain Privacy but does not fulfill the need for heavy curtains.

Semi-sheer wave curtains

If you like voile curtains but still want Privacy and heavy touch through the curtain., then semi-sheer curtains are just for you because semi-sheer curtains are ideal to filter light and give you airy room and maintain the Privacy you deserve the most.

Blackout wave curtains

These curtains are perfect for the bedroom because they are prepared with deep fabric which makes them more convenient and comfortable. These curtains are perfect for their job, so you do not need to spend extra money on their lining. Although this curtain has no lining it still gives the perfect wave or S Shape when hanging on walls.

How to wash these wave curtains?

These wave curtains can be easily washed on the machine for 10 to 15 minutes in normal water. Do not use warm water as it may give roughness to the curtains. Try to use a mild detergent or you can soak these curtains in a soapy tub, rest them for 1 to 2 hours then wash them gently. And use a dryer machine to soak them.

How does a wave curtain set on a pole?

Wave curtains can only be settled on curtain tracks or poles supplied with a wave’s glider. First visit all curtain tracks on market then choose the best wave header for your home, corded, recess, drawn, and motorized wave curtain tracks are also available to choose according to the budget silent Gliss Metropole is running successfully.

Selection of colors

We all want a neat and clean home. Things should be arranged in good manners but what about the color of the curtain? As we all know that color defines nature so all are good, but it is worth the truth that all colors cannot be suited anywhere so when you intend to buy curtains for your home do not forget the interior of your home and select the Wave curtain color according to it.

The style of the wave header shows whether your curtains are hung correctly or not. The curtain track helps the curtain to fold in an equivalent way which gives a neat and clean impression. Whether you have a small area or a larger to hang waves curtain it gives an appealing look to the door, window, etc.

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